Why Sell With
Marine Sales & Charters?

Marine Sales and Charters specializes in selling some of the most sought-after yachts & boats from around the world. Our experience in brokering, finding prospective buyers, and making your vessel shine using our innovative marketing technologies is sure to produce an efficient transaction. Furthermore, we offer a significant discount on yacht & boat sales commissions.

Are you tired of paying the traditional 10% brokerage fees?

Well, you're in luck! Y(OUR) team at Marine Sales and Charters has come together to reduce the brokerage fees down to 8% - saving you 2% from the traditional industry standard rate of 10%. This means that you can save a lot of money in your pocket by listing with us versus other brokers. We did this as a courtesy to you to gain your business and fully focus on the outcome, not the income involved with a commission-based industry.

Because of this, we are proud to say we are in it for the long run and not the home run!

Marine Sales and Charters mission is to support our customers and our community, one boat and relationship at a time. When given the opportunity to sell a customer’s yacht or boat we take a portion of those proceeds after earning your business and give back to various initiatives that focus on children’s education, pollution awareness, and work towards cleaning and preserving our oceans.

In conclusion, each yacht & boat listed with us will make a meaningful contribution towards these important global issues, and we are proud to be able to make a positive impact through our sales and efforts. We are passionate about education and informing our customers that when we earn their business they are not just selling a yacht or boat with us – they are also investing in an experience to make a difference.



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